Mile 3

Mile 3

1st January 2020 0 By amietwilliams

Happy New Year! 

It’s another new year, a chance to start fresh.

I do love the feeling of the new year, it feels like a new page or a new purse, all empty and clean and ready to fill. I’ve bought a shiny new diary in the hope that this year will be way more organised (we can only hope ha!) I will try not to double-book or overspend!! So what’s your look on a new year? I would love to hear what you think about a new year. 

This year I’ll be starting a new job, running the Manchester marathon with my husband (I think he liked the marathon place he got for Christmas hehe). Not sure yet what other races we are going to enter but I’m sure I’ll drag Mr Williams round them whether he wants to or not! Also, it’s our 20 year anniversary- 2 decades together! We’ve been together longer than we’ve not. Which seems crazy – Poor Phil!!

So here’s to a new year, a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to forget or at least say ‘fuck it’ to last year if it was not a great year. No need for resolutions, just start the year with just positive vibes and the thought of what you can do to improve your year.