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Mile 3

Happy New Year!  It’s another new year, a chance to start fresh. I do love the feeling of the new year, it feels like a new page or a new purse, all empty and clean and ready to fill. I’ve bought a shiny new diary in the hope that this year will be way more…

By amietwilliams 1st January 2020 0

Mile 2: Miscarriage

Life likes to throw us these little curve balls. Everything seems to be going so well – I’ve never been so fit, I’m the smallest I’ve ever been in adult life. I go to the gym every weekday after work because when you haven’t had children yet you can! I felt great. Phil and I…

By amietwilliams 19th November 2019 0

Mile 1.

My love for running started a little differently to most. I think the main reason people start running is to lose weight, not me, I wanted to keep up with Adam, my border terrier! I decided I wanted to join my husband in his love for Agility, (I’m not going to lie, I wanted to…

By amietwilliams 15th November 2019 0